Thursday, 29 August 2013

Diet Chef Diary - Week 3

Today something really nice happened-someone noticed that I had lost weight!  It is such a boost to your self esteem when you know someone has noticed the results of all the hard work you have put into dieting.  I was so pleased.

I have lost another 3 lbs, bringing the total to 10lbs lost in three weeks on the Diet Chef plan.  I feel better and more confident and I feel like I am back on track with healthy eating.

Ian has noticed a difference in my attitude to food.  We have been away for a weekend and had a meal out in a restaurant since starting my Diet Chef plan.  Usually, these are the sort of events that would see me either getting upset because I would be worried about what I could eat, or I would simply go off the rails and stuff my face with whatever I could eat and then feel guilty about it afterwards.  This time was different.  I chose healthy options from the menus, drank water and actually left food on my plate when I was full. I didn't feel the need to eat between meals and had no desire for junk food or anything sweet. I feel that the diet plan has re-educated my system and seeing results has strengthened my resolve.  It was really easy to pick up on the Diet Chef meals on my return home.

There is no magic formula to the Diet Chef meals.  They are simply, good, well prepared ready meals that are calorie counted and portion controlled.  They are quick and easy to prepare and take away all the stress and anxiety that can accompany a diet.  It is a great way to kickstart a diet, providing structure with varied and enjoyable meals.

I have really enjoyed having my meals for the week all pre-planned and ready to eat.  The rest of the family still need feeding which means I am still cooking for them.  But as my meals are already prepared, I don't need to then cook something separately for myself too.  It makes juggling being a mum and a dieter much easier.

I haven't eaten the snacks as I just don't want to eat anything sweet like a cereal bar or biscuits.  I find that stopping the sugary foods takes away the cravings I used to have.  Going cold turkey on the sweet treats works for me and I don't see any benefit from eating between meals if I'm not hungry.  This has meant that on some days my calorie count may have been a little low but I've added vegetables or rice to my main meals to make sure I stay within the realms of healthy dieting.

Overall, I still really like the Diet Chef concept and the food is good and doesn't contain any nasty additives. Once the plan is over, I will continue to eat meals taking the portion size and calorie content of the Diet Chef meals as a basis for what I prepare. With my hunger and cravings under control, I think I will be able to continue on a 1200-1500 calorie a day eating plan for another few weeks.  This opportunity came at a perfect time for me, when I was feeling a bit low, fat and frumpy.  Now I'm well on the way to feeling fabulous!

I definitely feel more confident and am excited at the prospect of slimming down, looking better and feeling healthier.

At the moment you can sign up to a month's plan for just £4.64 a day, which provides all meals and a snack for each day of the week, delivered free to your door. Find out more at

Diet Chef


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