Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Kid Friendly Recipes from The Kids Only Cookbook

We were sent the Kids Only Cookbook by Sue Quinn to try out.  The book is a large size hardback designed to encourage kids into the kitchen.  The unique cartoon style presentation of the book is filled with over 300 full colour photos which will appeal to children.  Little chefs Ruby and Ben demonstrate the recipes and make the ideas really accessible to children.  The recipes are a lot of fun and each one teaches a culinary technique.  Adult Alerts appear throughout the book at potentially dangerous steps to ensure the kids stay safe, but mostly the kids can work independently. Captions and speech bubbles make the recipes really engaging to kids.  Top Tips and Epic Fail warnings are also included to add to the kid appeal.  The design of the book is really quite in-your-face and full on, making cooking look exciting and fresh.

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Unfortunately for us, a lot of the recipes involve meat and fish, so it is not the best choice for vegetarian kids. Saying that, there are some good veggie friendly recipes within the pages and other recipes can be adapted to make them suitable.  So we were able to find some good ideas for things to bake in the book.

Many of the recipes are really unique and imaginative.  The Sticky Toffee Pudding in a Jar and the Kick and Roll Tin Can Ice Cream are truly amazing.  Here is a video of one of the recipes being demonstrated by the little chefs.  They make Chocolate Meringue Kisses - and the way they separate the egg is genius!!


We were challenged to do our own video using my own little chefs, Ella, Kizzy and Freddy to demonstrate how to make something from the book.  Kizzy made No-Recipe Pancakes and Freddy made Fairy Bread, helped by his big sister Ella.  The recipes we chose were really easy to do and the children liked the way the recipes were presented in the book.

Here are our videos!



You can buy The Kids Only Cookbook from Amazon currently priced at £9.09 (RRP £12.99)


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