Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fit for a Royal Baby!

Asda have some new babywear fit for the little prince in your life.  The 'Born In 2013' short sleeved bodysuit is just £4. The 'King in Training' 4 piece outfit with a babygrow, bodysuit, gloves and a crown design hat is just £7.  Great value babywear that you don't need to be royalty to afford!


You can keep your little ones clothing clean, safe and soft with Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure which are available in limited edition royal baby packs to celebrate the arrival of Prince George.

They have also released a guide on how to raise your baby like a Royal, because all babies should feel like a prince or princess.  It is written by royal etiquette expert Jean Broke Smith.

Here are a couple of excerpts that I particularly liked.

First Portraits

"As we all know, once your little one arrives into the world people will be snapping away with their cameras and iPhones. So now is the time to decide whether you want your baby to be public-facing or not. Should you choose to, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all provide valuable outlets to share your baby’s photos with close family and relatives, particularly those you see less often if they live far away. If you’d rather shy away from the public, set some rules with friends and family from the get go and ensure photography is strictly limited to the confines of a private photo album."

Hand Me Downs

"Babies usually grow very rapidly during the first year so hand-me-downs can prove rather fruitful, especially if they have a momentous story or historic moment attached to them. Take a photo of your baby and frame it next to the original clothing owner. Family history is of huge importance to royalty."

With all the celebrations surrounding the birth of the royal baby, you may want to enjoy the occasion with a nice cup of tea sipped from a commemorative porcelain mug from Asda!



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