Saturday, 24 August 2013

Disney's Planes Remote Controlled Driving Dusty

Freddy was sent a Disney's Planes 1:24 Remote Controlled Driving Dusty toy from Character Online. For a boy who adores all things Disney this was a toy that brought a huge amount of excitement!

The 1:24 model of the big-hearted, fast-flying crop duster Dusty from the new Disney film Planes, looks absolutely brilliant.  The animation lends itself perfectly to the creation of quality merchandise that looks totally like the film counterparts.  Dusty is full of character and the design of the model is very detailed.

First and foremost for anyone considering buying one, the RC Dusty does NOT fly.  It drives around the floor controlled by the RC handset.  This did not worry Freddy at all and he loved being able to drive Dusty around.  In the film, Dusty is afraid of heights, so his lack of flying is not at all out of character!

The handset is very user friendly for small hands.  There are two levers, one for backwards and forwards and one for left and right. There is also an on/off switch.  The RC handset also makes engine and plane sounds as you play with Dusty.

Planes, Dusty

Freddy very quickly got to grips with the controls and had Dusty going back and forth and going around corners.  The propeller spins around as the plane whizzes along which is a nice touch and the wings dip as it takes corners.  The plane is robust and is surviving crashing into the sofa, door and wall under the control of my 4 year old. He has tested the durability of this toy quite extensively so far!


I would have liked to have seen a speed limiter which would give little ones more control over the plane, because once it gets going, Dusty really does drive fast.  There would be fewer crashes if Freddy had more time to stop or turn Dusty.  But saying that Freddy thought it was hilarious to zoom Dusty around at high speed!

RC driving plane "Dusty" is equipped with a dual-channel wireless RC handset and full turbo function. He comes with sound and body drift. The plane is available in a 27 and 40 Mhz frequency. 1/24 scale model. Remote (3x 1.5V LR03 AAA) Plane (3x 1.5V LR6 AA). Not included. For ages 4 and over. RRP £49.99.


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