Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Belvita for Busy Mornings

The last week of the summer holidays is here. Every minute of everyday is made up of precious moments, before my little Freddy starts school, and I do not want to miss out on them.  This time is so special to me. On September 4th my baby boy begins his school career and my life will no longer revolve around being a stay at home mum to my pre-schooler.  It's a time for big changes, both exciting and scary in equal measure.

We've had a really busy and enjoyable summer holiday so far, doing lots of fun stuff which has involved some early starts. When the routine goes out of the window, getting the kids up in the morning isn't always easy.  We simply don't get the luxury of a leisurely breakfast when pushed for time and skipping breakfast is never a good idea.  It's during days like this when I swear by breakfast on the go in the car.  It saves time and avoids the stress of rushing around or running late.  With my grown-up girls as well as Freddy to get ready, mornings can be pretty hectic!

I received a fantastic Summer Holidays On The Go Kit from Belvita to help me cope with the remaining days of the holidays, so not a moment is wasted on those early morning starts.  With a diary to keep me organised, a book of ideas for days out, a picnic rug and a cute Cath Kidston bag to carry everything I need, days out will be much easier to contend with.

Cath Kidston

My On The Go Kit also included some new Belvita Breakfast Duo Crunch with Apricot and Live Yogurt.  The tasty wholemeal biscuit sandwiches are generously filled with a creamy yogurt and fruity jam filling.  They contain added vitamins and minerals and are a source of slow release carbohydrates, releasing energy continuously over 4 hours.


Grabbing the individual foil portion packs of Belvita biscuits and throwing them into my bag  provides a good start to the mornings along with a piece of fruit and a drink, and can easily be enjoyed on the go. With grown-up kids, this is an ideal solution to the rush of mornings.

The biscuits are tasty and the moist filling makes them really palatable and easy to eat.  My girls happily munched on them and I was happy to know they were getting nutrients and energy for the whole morning. This keeps them going until lunchtime so we can enjoy thrilling days out together, and get out of the house quickly and effortlessly.  Our latest day out to the Chill Factore in Manchester was fuelled by a Belvita breakfast!


The Belvita Breakfast Apricot and Live Yogurt Duo Crunch Biscuits are available in major supermarkets with an RRP of £2.79 for a 5 portion pack.  


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