Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Smiling French Goat #Project 52

smiling animals, goat, France, holiday

We are here in France, staying in a fabulously French gite on a goat's cheese farm.  This morning we went to visit our neighbours...they seemed pleased to see us! 

Internet access is dire...we are currently in a dodgy takeaway restaurant called Quick with Wi-Fi Gratuitie!  It is soooo slow...but I couldn't miss my Project 52!!!  Now that's commitment!


  1. hehe what a lovely smiley goat, have a wonderful time!!

  2. HEHEHE, he's a funny looking fella. Great shot.

  3. He's got quite decent teeth actually, might need to see an optician for the wonky eyes though. Hope you're having a fabulous time.

    You are a dedicated woman Wendy! I'm going to take the liberty and link you up if that's ok?

  4. Have a great time McDonald clan......he has a great smile that goat!! x

  5. Haha what a funny goat! He looks like a bit of a pirate with his earring and funny grin :) Have a fabulous holiday on the goat cheese farm. That sounds like my idea of heaven - I looooove goats cheese.

  6. Dad and I are so pleased to know that you arrived safely and are having a great time, I do hope the weather holds out for you as it has cooled down considerably here. We were so thrilled to receive your message while you were in McDonalds
    I just hope they were able to serve vegetarian food. Take great care of yourselves.



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