Friday, 13 April 2012

Kelloggs Mini Max for Breakfast

Mini Max...Mini Morning Maximizers for Your Kids (as long as they aren't vegetarian!)

Kellogg's Mini Max is the new cereal from Kellogg's.  Crunchy little bundles of  baked wholegrain wheat provide the right balance between a breakfast that is good for the family along with a taste they will love.  They are high in fibre and low in salt.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so enticing the family with something tasty and appetising yet packed with wholegrain goodness, ensures they will get a good start to the day.  That is the idea behind taking mini Shredded Wheat and slathering them in a tasty topping!

The wholegrain parcels in the Mini Max Original that we were sent to try, are coated with a sugary crust and fortified with vitamins and minerals.  Kizzy immediately tucked into a bowl with her usual soya milk and really enjoyed them.

Unfortunately, after she had finished her bowl of cereals, I had a close look at the packaging and was quite horrified to see Beef Gelatin listed as an ingredient making them unsuitable for vegetarians.  As a vegetarian family, this is really a big deal.  I assume that cereals will always be vegetarian and as there as no no "not suitable for vegetarian" labelling on the product packaging I did not think I needed to read the small print on the back of the box.  I am really disappointed in Kelloggs for using bovine gelatin as an additive, making these cereals out of bounds for veggie families. 

Before realising this fact, we were impressed with the Mini Max cereal, and as most people are not concerned with consuming gelatin, this will not pose a problem to most families. They do provide a tasty and filling breakfast.   But sadly, Mini Max are off the breakfast menu here Inside the Wendy House.


  1. What a shame they contain gelatine, as my kids would have loved them too.

  2. I am so pleased you mentioned this, because I am gutted that Kellogg's have done this. I was sent 10 boxes and am having to give them all away to friends and family who don't mind the bovine gelatin.

  3. We received some as well and were very happy with the product, as we not vegetarians nor most of our friends. However, you raised a very valid point about the contents of cereals, we don't always pay enough attention to the small print of certain foods. Thanks for flagging up this matter.

  4. It's a bit of a PR Fail, you hardly shy away from talking about vegetarian issues, so for them to have sent you a sample that is clearly inappropriate shows a bit of a lack of consideration, or respect, in my opinion. Your family's values are important and should be treated with respect, you wouldn't expect them to offer you a box of beef burgers (that said, they probably have!), so why can't they think before they shoot off a sample?

  5. As vegetarians, you and your family must have been shocked to discover that beef gelatin was listed as one of the ingredients in your box of Kellogg's Cereal. I think that is should be clearly printed on the packet whether or not this type of ingredient is used.

  6. This cereal was once known as 'Frosted Wheats'. I ate this for a few years and never thought for one second that this would be unsuitable for vegetarians. And then one day, my brother looking at the ingredients of everything we have in the house merely as a hobby found this had beef gelatin!!! As a vegetarian....I didn't feel great.

    I e-mailed Kellogg's about this (in 2007). Got an e-mail back, key part being "Gelatin is listed on the ingredients panel. Gelatin was found necessary to achieve the required product image and profile for the market place."

    Eventually you have to think 'fair enough' I guess...they never said it WAS suitable.....lesson I learnt....ALWAYS read ingredients, even if the name of what your buying suggests it is okay.

    Late 2011, I see a 'New' cereal being released by Kellogg's...Mini Max. When I saw this, I thought....maybe this is the same cereal but without the gelatin?.....but's the same but just re-branded for children! Rather than spending all that money on marketing.....why not just improve the product!?

    I e-mailed Kellogg's again....I got pretty much the same response as I did 4 years previous lol

    I now eat Frosted Shreddies :D I'm 25 and still cannot get over 'kids' cereals :)



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