Monday, 27 March 2017

Tonka Tinys - Tonka Trucks in Miniature!

Tonka is a brand that has been around for ages. My 28 year old son played with Tonka toys when he was younger. He had a big yellow, tipper truck, which he loved. It is still going strong today and has been played with by his younger siblings over the years.

Tonka now has a brand new way for kids to enjoy their products, with the Tonka Tinys range. Tonka Tinys are collectable miniature scale vehicles, which come in 20 designs including police pick-ups, quarry dump trucks and helicopters.

Tonka, cars, collectable

They are available in a three pack (with two vehicles on display in the blister pack and one hidden surprise) and in blind garage packs, making collecting them fun. The little grey plastic garages have a yellow lift up door and can be used to store the vehicles in. They also slot together, keeping them attached to each other, making a neat row of garages.

Tonka, toy cars

Each vehicle is made with great attention to detail including working wheels and some have tiny moveable parts. They are well made and built to last. Kids will love collecting them all. Which vehicles will your kids find?


The three packs (which are new for this year) cost £5.99 and the blind garage packs are £2.49 each. New playsets and new waves of vehicles will be added for autumn. They are suitable for ages 5 and up. Find out more at:


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