Monday, 6 March 2017

Space Wars Aerovane Target Blaster Review

The Space Wars Aerovane Target Blaster from Maps Toys is a really cool toy that turns kids into real space cowboys! Using the chunky space-inspired foam dart gun, children can take aim and shoot at the magnetised aliens that move around the motorised rotation target. (The motor hub takes 2 AA batteries.)

Space Wars Aerovane Target Blaster

The set includes a lightweight, air pistol gun that you prime by pulling back the top, then use the trigger to fire the foam darts. It is surprisingly powerful! There is a belt clip for storing the twelve darts in. The aerovane is easy to assemble and comes with magnetic attachments to secure the targets to. You need to stick the alien stickers to the target plates to complete the set-up.

Space Wars Aerovane Target Blaster

Once assembled, the game is ready to play. Attach the magnets and switch on the motorised Aerovane target and use the gun to shoot at the aliens. It moves smoothly, quietly and slowly, making it good for target practice. It's not as easy to get the aliens as it looks - you really need to practice your alien sharp-shooting skills to knock them all off.

Space Wars Aerovane Target Blaster

It really is a lot of fun. 7 year old Freddy is really enjoying playing with it. He is working on his aim and enjoys blasting the aliens. He loves that they are moving targets, which makes it much more challenging. It is easy to disassemble the toy to pack away into its box, but until now we've been unable to do so, because Freddy loves playing with it too much!

Space Wars Aerovane Target Blaster

You can find the Space Wars Aerovane Target Blaster on Amazon. It is suitable for ages 4 and up. Follow Maps Toys on Facebook for more product news, fun and giveaways.


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