Friday, 10 March 2017

Nixplay Seed Wi-Fi Cloud Frame Review - Perfect Mother's Day gift idea

The future of the humble photo frame is changing. With the advancements in internet technology, no longer are photo frames limited to displaying a single hard copy of a favourite photograph. Instead we can enjoy a digital Cloud frame that displays a continuous slide show of images accessed from any device or platform with instant sharing capabilities. Photographs can be shared with family and friends around the world and displayed in high resolution with clear and vivid colour reproduction. A perfect way of sharing precious memories with loved ones, bringing new life to your photographs.


Nixplay is the leading brand in Digital Photo Frames globally with seven years experience in the field. They offer a complete photo management and display solution, allowing you to access images and create playlists of photos that can instantly be viewed on a frame anywhere in the world. We were sent a 10" Nixplay Seed frame in black to try out.

cloud photo frame

The frame has a simple set up process. Simply connect to the wi-fi, create a Nixplay account and follow the instructions to activate the frame. You can access pictures wirelessly from social media platforms and create playlists of  favourite shots. The frame comes with 10GB of free Cloud storage, keeping all your images safely and securely in one place.

Using the Nixplay Seed frame is incredibly easy and user friendly. The online Nixplay app is a really great way of accessing all your photos and managing them. You can make 1000 image playlists and these can be edited easily to get them just right. You can add other frames to your account, which can then be used to also show your images. Friends can send pictures to you via the frame too. It is a very social way of sharing photographs within the home.

digital photo frame

The Seed comes with a remote control to navigate and control the frame, pausing or skipping images. It also comes with Hu-Motion sensors to turn the frame on and off when you enter or leave the room for power saving. The Nixplay smartphone app allows you to snap, manage and share pictures directly and instantly to any frame. It's a great way to stay connected in real time.


The frames come in a variety of colours and designs and can be displayed in portrait or landscape, with the power cable doubling up as a stand. It looks stylish and will be a real talking point in any home.

I think that a Nixplay Cloud frame would make a wonderful gift for grandparents, giving them an ever changing and continuously updated display of pictures of the grandchildren. This can keep loved ones connected even if they are miles away. They would be a lovely choice for a Mother's Day present for the children's Nana. I showed my mum the Nixplay Seed and she absolutely loved it and thought it was an incredible way of viewing photos and said it was "better than watching the TV!"

cloud frame, wifi frame

We are very impressed with the Cloud frame from Nixplay. It is user friendly, it looks good and it displays images in high resolution with great clarity. It unleashes photographs from your social media  and other devices directly into the home to be enjoyed by all.

For a limited time, Nixplay are offering a 20% discount with an exclusive voucher code to use at the checkout. Perfect timing for a special Mother's Day gift your your mum!

Find out more and order your own Nixplay Seed frame with an exclusive 20% discount here.


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