Friday, 17 March 2017

Celebrating 50 Yearz of Beanz Meanz Heinz

The iconic "Beanz Meanz Heinz" slogan was first used back in 1967 and even today 50 years later, it remains one of the more recognisable and memorable advertising slogans of our times. With a can being sold every 17 seconds, Heinz Beanz are a big part of family life here in the UK.

To celebrate, Heinz is launching over 6000 limited edition cans, commemorating this momentous half century milestone. They feature some modern twists on the original slogan that reflect what Heinz Beanz mean to us today, such as "Beanz Meanz  Yummz" and "Beanz Meanz Spudz". These will go on sale exclusively at Selfridges foodhalls in London, Birmingham and Manchester priced at £2 each.

Heinz Beanz

In addition to this, 50 super collectable numbered cans signed by Maurice Drake, the man who penned the "Beanz Meanz Heinz" slogan, will go on sale in the London store and online  on April 5th for £10 a can. Monies raised will be donated to The Ideas Foundation, a charity for nurturing creatively gifted young people that also works towards increasing diversity in creative industries.


Baked bean fans can also go to a pop-up bar in Selfridges London, where they can enjoy dishes such as Beanz with scrambled egg for £3. A real breakfast classic! This will be running from March 27th to April 23rd, no need to book.

On the success of his advertising slogan for Heinz, Maurice Drake says "...I still find it incredible that, over  50 years later, the seemingly timeless ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’ slogan continues to have relevance and brand power, still appealing to different generations in an ever-changing world. This is in part due to a great product which is still as loved as it was then, but also due to the enduring love of content which places food and meal times at the heart of the home.”


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