Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Chillfactor Pull Pops Review

Kids love ice lollies and ones that they make themselves seem to be even more appealing. So the Chillfactor Pull Pops are a great addition to the kitchen cupboard, allowing kids to create popsicles using a variety of ingredients and their imagination.

Chillfactor Pull Pops

The set includes two of the pull pop makers as well as a small bowl for dipping and mixing, a squeezy bottle for flavourings and a flavour spacer injector with lid. An illustrated instruction leaflet is included.

Chillfactor Pull Pops

You can use fruit juice, fresh fruit, drinkable yogurt or squash to create flavour combinations. You can fill ice pops with added syrup or melted chocolate using the flavour spacer to make a hollow during the freezing process or top them with sprinkles by dipping into your favourite toppings using the bowl. The possibilities are endless. Freddy and Kezia used Pepsi Max to make theirs.

Chillfactor Pull Pops

The process is easy and mess free. Simply insert the nozzle into a cup or jug of the liquid and pull the plunger to suck up the liquid into the tube.  Alternatively use the end of the tube to cut circles of fruit to push into the tube. When the tube is full (be sure not to overfill), you twist off the end of the plunger to make a free standing popsicle mould.

Chillfactor Pull Pops

Pop into the freezer upright and freeze for around 2-3 hours.  The plunger handle can then be re-attached and used to gently push the popsicle up the tube to be eaten. (A little warm water poured over the tube makes this a lot easier to do.)

Chillfactor Pull Pops

The real appeal of the DIY ice pop makers is that you can make them using whatever you want and you will know exactly what is in them. You can make healthier options using fresh fruit or juice or smoothies, for a more nutritious treat. Or use sugar free drinks or squash if you are cutting back on sugar consumption. Or opt for an indulgent popsicle using some chocolate angel delight made from a packet, filling it with melted chocolate and dipping in chocolate sprinkles. The choice is yours and there are hundreds of possibilities to pick from. I really like the pulling method of making the Pull Pops, not only is it fun, it's mess free.

The Chillfactor Pull Pops cost £4.99 and the set makes two pull pops. Perfect for when the weather gets warmer!

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