Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Electric Jukebox - a user friendly plug and play music streaming service

Independent research shows that only 8% of the UK subscribe to a music service, like Spotify or Apple Music. The reasons given for not subscribing include overly complicated technology, apps that are too much hassle and monthly credit card charges.

Music streaming services are great as they give us access to all the music in the world - but until now, no one has created something that the mass market, including the older, non-millenial generation can enjoy. So, Electric Jukebox was created, to provide a simple, easy-to-use service for everybody. 

Electric Jukebox

Electric Jukebox is an easy-to-use device that turns your TV into a jukebox - the ultimate music machine. With Electric Jukebox, you get an HDMI TV stick, and a 'point and click' controller with voice search. There is an easy 2-minute set-up - just plug in, connect to wifi, and play.

Electric Jukebox

You can search for music from the 30 million track catalogue including 'new and trending' music alongside old classics. There are no ads to interrupt the music and listening is unlimited.

In addition to searching for particular songs, albums or artists, Electric Jukebox has hundreds of curated mixtapes to suit every mood or activity so you can discover new artists and songs to suit how you are feeling or what you are doing. Electric Jukebox is suitable for the whole family - there is a parental lock feature, which blocks explicit content from being played if young children are present.

Electric Jukebox

Electric Jukebox costs £169 upfront, which includes a 1 year annual music pass. After the first year has passed, you can continue to listen to Electric Jukebox for free, with ads, or pay a further annual fee of £52 to continue using the unlimited premium music pass. (This ongoing annual cost is less than half the price of Spotify or Apple music - which both cost £120 for an annual music subscription.)

We have been very impressed with the Electric Jukebox. It is great for families who enjoy listening to music together and creates a party atmosphere in your living room. We have searched for all sorts of artists from current bands to eighties stars to classic rockers and so far we've found tracks from everyone we've looked for. The format is fun and easy to use. Paying for the Electric Jukebox upfront means that there are no monthly bills to worry about and the fact it plays on your TV means you don't need headphones or external speakers to enjoy the music. 


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