Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Up & Go - a new concept in breakfasting on the go

Mornings can be such a rush that sometimes my breakfast is forgotten in a melee of misplaced reading folders, lost shoes and general pre-school run chaos. I'm not alone in this; 60% of Brits admit to skipping breakfast at least once a week. My teenage daughter definitely ends up too rushed for breakfast some mornings. Not great when she has a whole morning of lessons to sit through before the chance of eating something wholesome.

When you find yourself in one of these chaotic morning rushes, Up & Go may be just the answer. It's Australia's no.1 breakfast, that is now available in the UK. It provides a nutritious breakfast drink in a single serving carton (complete with straw) that can be enjoyed on the go. Each carton is made with wholegrain oats and contains as much fibre, protein and calcium as your average bowl of cereal and milk. It's a proper nutritious breakfast - only much more portable!  

breakfast, aussiessuck

I received some to try, in each of the three latest flavours. Banana & Honey combines ripe banana with a hint of sweetness. Iced Coffee is the perfect option if you can't start the day without a coffee fix, made with an essence of Arabica and Robusta roasted beans. Mixed Berries offers a refreshing blueberry, raspberry and strawberry hit in a smooth fruity blend. They are also available in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours. 

They are great to grab and go on those mornings when you don't manage to have a 'real breakfast', and can be enjoyed on the school run, in the bus or at the office, providing a wholesome breakfast on even the busiest of mornings. I feel much happier knowing I can pop one in my daughter's schoolbag, knowing she can have something nutritious to start the day if necessary. Up & Go is a convenient, fun and time saving way to have a good breakfast on those days when time slips away.

Up & Go is available at Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Tesco, Asda or Ocado at £1.39 for a 250ml carton.


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