Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Ghost Hunt Evolution - the perfect game for Halloween

Turn down the lights, put on your special multivision glasses and get ready to shoot ghosts and bats in this exciting game from Megableu. Billy Bones, the fun skeleton at the heart of the Ghost Hunt games, moves his head and projects images of bats and ghosts through his magic eye. The aim of the game is to blast them using the infra-red gun as they appear on the walls, floor and ceiling around the room. The bats are super quick and are worth 3 points when hit, while ghosts are easier targets and score you a point for each hit. Highest score wins!

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The game is made even spookier with the ghostly sound effects that accompany the fast paced action. There are lots of screeches and wailing, which create a creepy atmosphere when playing the game. There are three different difficulty levels making it suitable for all the family. The gun records the scores and after each go, you can check to see how many points each player has got.

The multivision glasses add a new dimension to the game allowing you to see multiple images of the bats and ghosts, making it seem like the room is being invaded by loads of creepy creatures, but you can still play without them on. Freddy prefers it without the glasses as he wears specs himself, but playong without them does not detract from the gameplay at all.

We have been trying out this game, as an idea for fun family activities in the run up to Halloween. It is a lot of fun and gets everybody up as they take turns at harnessing their inner ghostbuster and blasting the targets as they appear all around the room. It is a great game for the kids to enjoy and would go down a storm at a Halloween party, especially with the spooky sounds that are emitted as you play. 


Obviously, as the targets are projected around the room, it needs to be dark and the game works best when there is clear space on the walls so the images can be clearly seen. Sometimes, the projections get broken up if something is in the way between the wall and  Billy Bones, making it harder to get a clean shot. The game has to be played in turns, but extra guns can be purchased to make it suitable for multiple players at the same time. Everyone can enjoy Ghost Hunt, and it gets quite competitive as players all try to beat the high score by blasting the most targets in the time limit. It definitely offers hours of after dark gaming action for all the family.

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This is definitely a great game to keep little monsters entertained over Halloween, but it can be played and enjoyed all year round. Billy Bones is a very cute little skeleton and the gameplay is like bringing a spooky shoot 'em up video game to life in your own home. 

Game includes 1 electronic projector (Billy Bones),1 electronic gun and multivision glasses.
Suitability 5+.
RRP £29.99
Batteries required: 4 x AA and 3 x AAA (not included).
Available in major toy stores and from Amazon.


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