Monday, 5 October 2015

Nutribix - a new cereal to revolutionise breakfast

Nutribix is the latest cereal to hit the breakfast aisle in major supermarkets, offering something fresh and new to health conscious consumers and people who want a gluten free cereal for breakfast. Containing the ancient grain and newly hailed superfood Sorghum, Nutribix is naturally high in fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We were sent some to try out.

Gluten-free, cereal

Available in two variants, the Gluten Free Nutribix is suitable for those with Coeliac Disease or those on gluten free diets. It is made in a 100% gluten free factory so there is no compromise on safety. It is 96% wholegrain Sorghum, low in sugar and fortified with nutrients. The Gluten Free Nutribix are rectangular breakfast biscuits with a light texture, which can be served with milk and fruit. Alternatively they can be blended into a breakfast smoothie for a wholesome and filling start to the day. It is great to see such a tasty breakfast cereal available that is naturally gluten free, bringing more choice to the market.


The Gold and Grains Nutribix is a delicious combination of Sorghum, Oats, Wheat and Rye wholegrains with added rice, a touch of coconut and honey. They have a chunky, crunchy texture full of delicious grains and are fortified with vitamins and iron. I have been eating my way through the box of Gold and Grain Nutribix, served with almond milk and I can honestly say they are fantastic. They are so filling and it feels like they are doing you good. The biscuits look very rustic and natural, they aren't too sweet and are very flavoursome. Serving with colourful fruits and your choice of milk, they make a great breakfast, kick starting the day with wholegrain goodness and nutrients. Nutribix has definitely brought something new and different to the breakfast table.

sorghum, cereals

Each box contains 24 of the Nutribix cereal biscuits, with two being the recommended portion size. You can find them in Tesco, Sainsbury's and Ocado. Look out for the colourful boxes - I love the branding, which makes Nutribix stand out from the other cereals.

Find out more at or follow Nutribix on Twitter @Nutribix, on Instagram @Nutribix or on the Nutribix Facebook page.


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