Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Cadbury will be resurrecting a favourite chocolate bar this Halloween

This Halloween, Cadbury have plans to conjure up a spooky resurrection of one of their long dead favourite chocolate bars. The Cadbury Crave-yard is stirring, preparing for one of the bars to claw its way back from the afterlife. Which bar gets to return from the dead is decided by a public vote - will it be Cadbury Marble or Cadbury Fuse - only one can return and that’s up to you to choose!

Cadbury is brewing up its magical cauldron ready to conjure up one of the delicious bars. The votes will be thrown into the potion, and  the bar which receives the highest number of votes will then be resurrected with a run of special edition bars ready to be given away to select lucky winners chosen from those who vote in this fun Halloween campaign. Winning is the only way to get your hands on one of the bars as they won't be available in the shops.

chocolate, Halloween

Remember there can be only one resurrection so pick wisely!

 Which bar from the past do you mourn the most…?

·         Cadbury Fuse packed with raisins, nuts and fudge for a texture sensation

·         Cadbury Marble which is a perfect blend of praline, milk and white chocolate

You can vote for your favourite, by tweeting @CadburyUK using the hashtag #CadburyCraveyard with which of the two Craveyard bars you want to bring back this Halloween. Or visit the Cadbury UK Facebook page and leave a comment under one of the dedicated Craveyard posts. 

The winning bar will be revealed on the CadburyUK social media channels this Halloween.


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