Thursday, 22 October 2015

Once Upon a Zombie #bookreview

The Once Upon A Zombie series of children's books is already hugely popular in America, spawning a franchise of fabulous zombie princess related merchandise. Now, Book One: The Colour of Fear is available in the UK - just in time for Halloween.

The first book in the series features a young girl, 14 year old Caitlin, an American girl in London who suffers from social anxiety and panic attacks. When investigating mysterious sightings in graveyards where famous authors are buried, Caitlin is tricked into going to Lewis Carroll's grave alone on Halloween night. Caitlin ends up sliding into a strange hole that turns out to be an interdimensional wormhole taking her to a fairytale universe. However, this universe is not the fairytale world that we all remember from our childhood, it is a rotting and decaying wasteland crawling with zombies - and the zombies want Caitlin's help! 

zombies, princesses, YA

The book is really well written with an astute message on empowerment and overcoming difficulties that children can face when growing up, such as loss, moving home, making friends and anxiety. The characters and the settings are beautifully conjured up through the rich descriptions in this fast paced narrative filled with unexpected twists.  It's a new way for children to enjoy traditional fairy stories, made a little darker and cooler with the addition of zombies. It is filled with humour, is engaging, exciting and fun, combining high school drama with zombie action.

Written by Billy Phillips, the Once Upon A Zombie Book One; The Colour of Fear is available now priced at £10.99 on Amazon for readers aged 9 - 12 and the YA market.



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