Friday, 3 April 2015

We're having a Jelly Easter with Hartley's Jelly

Forget the chocolate this Easter and enjoy a lighter way to satisfy your sweet tooth with Hartley's Jelly.  It's easy to make jelly in an Easter themed mould to create eggs and bunnies that the kids will enjoy.

jelly, mould Easter

It's easy to make jelly in the microwave - I just put in the block and cover with cold water and then microwave for about a minute until melted.  Then I top it up with cold water to just under a pint. (Using sparkling water makes a lovely fizzy jelly when set!)

Hartley's Jelly, jelly mould, Easter

Pop it in the fridge until set, then release from the mould. If the jelly sticks run some hot water over the mould.

I was pretty impressed with my jelly bunny.  Unfortunately my eggs were not quite as good, but Freddy enjoyed them nevertheless!

Hartley's, Easter

I hope you all enjoy a really Happy Easter!

Hartleys sent me some jelly and moulds for this post.


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