Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Research reveals parents' confusion over sugar in kids' diets

New research conducted by Fruit Heroes, the newly launched lunchbox snack brand in the UK, shows that the recent focus on the health implications of too much sugar has left some parents so confused that they don’t know what they should be feeding their children to give them the healthiest diet. Almost half of the parents surveyed say the UK's dietary guidelines for children are unclear and confusing.

Three quarters of parents say they now find it difficult working out what is and isn’t healthy for their children and a huge 84% of parents are concerned about their child’s diet

Sugar is now seen as the dietary public enemy number one when it comes to the fight against obesity and disease, but the ever changing advice and guidelines have left parents so confused that many now don’t even know if they should be giving their children fruit to eat at all.

The study saw one in seven parents say they didn’t think fruit was healthy or were unsure if it was or not, and almost 40% were unsure of which are good sugars and which are bad sugars. On the whole, three quarters of parents generally don’t know what they should be giving their kids as part of a healthy diet.

A quarter of parents surveyed by Fruit Heroes say they are confused by front of pack nutritional labels like the traffic lights and general daily allowance percentages, while a third did not know that five a day means five pieces of fruit or vegetables.Worryingly, some parents thought that a packet of crisps counted towards one of their child’s 5-a-day.

My family are all vegetarians, meaning that most of our nutrients come from plant based foods. Therefore fruit plays a big part in my children's diet. Freddy loves grapes, apples, oranges, melon - you name it - he loves it! I am happy for him to eat fruit and snacks made using fruit, but try to avoid too much refined sugar in his diet on a day to day basis.  Fruits contain so many nutrients, so in their whole form are a great way of getting vitamins and fibre into children. My rule of thumb is that if food is naturally plant based, then it's got to be good.

Fruit Heroes are made using all natural ingredients such as dates, fruits and juice and contain no added sugar or artificial additives. They are naturally high in fibre and are a healthy lunchbox treat or on-the-go snack. Each 20g Fruit Hero bar also counts as one of a child’s “five a day”, proving that treats can be incorporated into a healthy balanced diet. They are a great alternative to sweets and unhealthy snacks.

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