Thursday, 2 April 2015

Glitter Tattoos Review

Kezia received a Glitter Tattoos kit from Interplay to try out. She had one of her friends round for a sleepover, giving her the ideal opportunity to test it out in the best way possible. Kits like this are so much fun to share with friends!

Interplay, girls, tattoos

The kit includes 27 designs of tattoo stencils, with two of each design, along with six pots of glitter, a bottle of cosmetic glue and two brushes.

Interplay, glitter

The instruction booklet gives clear, detailed step by step instructions for using the kit, and it is easy to create some fun, eye catching, sparkly, temporary tattoos.

Glitter Tattoos, Interplay

Firstly, you need to choose a stencil from the 27 designs and peel away the backing paper. The adhesive stencil sticks to the skin gently. Then, you brush the cosmetic glue over the stencil, then use the soft brush to apply glitter to the glue.


Once the design is covered with glitter, you peel away the stencil to leave the glittery design on the skin. Simply brush away any excess from around the design to give the best result.


The finished effect is really nice with a good clean finish.  It's easy and fun to do, recommended for girls aged 8 and over. The tattoo can be removed using soap and water.

glitter tattoo, Interplay

The girls enjoyed using the kit and creating the colourful, sparkly tattoos on their arms.  Here is a video of them demonstrating just how simple it is to use the Glitter Tattoos kit.


The Fab Lab Glitter Tattoos from Interplay have an RRP of £9.99.  This would be a great kit to have for a birthday party or sleepover, with enough contents to make lots of brilliant glitter tattoos.


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