Thursday, 9 April 2015

Vanish Gold for Whites Bed Linen Challenge

There is something so special about staying in a posh hotel, sleeping in a comfy bed covered with pure white, crisp bed linen.  The Vanish Bloggers Club sent us a White Company Single Row Cord Bed Linen set in pure white, so we could take the challenge of keeping it looking good using Vanish Gold for Whites.  The smooth and crisp 200 thread count Egyptian cotton percale finish demands being kept in pristine condition!

Vanish, whites, laundry

Adding Vanish Gold for Whites to the laundry can make whites up to three shades whiter, which helps maintain the crisp, cool bed linen in top notch condition. No one wants dingy, greying bed linen!

       Vanish, laundry

I tried the Vanish Gold for Whites in my own bed linen challenge using bed sheets from the children's beds.  Washing one with Vanish Gold for Whites on four occasions made a significant difference to the whiteness of the sheet. The other one, which had been previously washed without Vanish and put away in the cupboard, looks dingy by comparison. I am impressed with how it really does raise the laundry's whiteness just by adding it into the drawer of your washing machine.
white washing, bed linen

I have enjoyed being part of the Vanish Bloggers' Club, testing out the product for myself. I have become a convert to using Vanish after seeing the results. Kezia's school shirts and our bed linen will definitely be all the better for it!

Take a look at my previous challenge, which gives more details of how to use the Vanish Gold in your laundry: Making whites three shades whiter.

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