Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Family Get Togethers are #BetterwithCake

Cake is a food that is synonymous with celebration. Any event is instantly elevated to party status with the addition of a good cake or two. 

I remember going for Sunday tea at my grandparents' house every weekend as a child and waiting eagerly for my Nan's cake tray to be brought to the table - as soon as we had finished our boiled ham sandwiches, our cucumber in vinegar and our boiled eggs. As the cakes arrived, I would eye up the array of tasty treats, picking out which of the offerings I would choose. If there were Fondant Fancies on offer I would be over the moon! The sweet morsels just seemed so fancy - totally living up to their name! I loved the colourful fondant icing, that little creamy bit on top and the soft sponge. They really are one of the iconic, nostalgia inducing foods from my childhood in the 70's.

Fast forward forty years and cake still has that ability to make any family get together a celebration. Receiving a cake delivery from Mr Kipling this Easter was perfectly timed as my three eldest kids were all coming home for a bank holiday weekend visit. Having all five of my children together is quite honestly my favourite thing in the world.  The noise, the laughter, the chaos, the fun...add some yummy cakes to that equation and this get together was guaranteed to be exceedingly good!

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At those times when you are pushed for time or don't want to be stuck in the kitchen baking, shop bought cakes can be a bit of a godsend. Some days I just want convenience over feeling like I'm in an episode of the Great British Bake Off. Don;t get me wrong, I love baking and the feeling of pride that comes with creating something gorgeous and tasty is pretty powerful. But I can't always harness my inner Mary Berry, so I'm glad to have an alternative for when my domestic goddess persona goes AWOL.

Classics like Viennese Whirls, French Fancies and Bakewell Tarts go down well with the family. Cakes look so pretty with their fancy shapes and colourful hues. Whipping them out of the store cupboard and popping them on a pretty plate creates an instant party in seconds.  Soon, everyone is happily tucking in to tea and cake, chatting and laughing (and picking the cherry off of their Bakewell Tarts! Does everyone do this - or just us?) 

Freddy loves cake and I love watching him select which one he wants with wide eyes and licked lips. The anticipation and the look of concentration as he chooses between them is precious. He has been known to flutter his eyelashes and cheekily ask "Can I have two, please?" when he struggles to pinpoint his decision down to just one cake. Watching him reminds me of six year old me, eyeing up my Nan's cake tray forty years ago.

Family get togethers are always #betterwithcake!

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