Wednesday, 11 March 2015

We Made a Volcano using Kitchen Science

We love having fun with science. Freddy wants to be a scientist when he grows up and judging by his inquiring mind and constant questioning, I think he might just become one.  He loves doing experiments, testing things out and exploring the properties of objects.

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We were sent a Kitchen Science Kit from 4M Kidz Labs featuring six specially designed experiments using things found in the kitchen. Children learn to generate electricity using lemon; launch a rocket using baking soda and vinegar; make rock candy using sugar; write with invisible ink; build a bubbly lava volcano and become a detective studying fingerprints.

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The kit contains full step by step instructions and all the things needed to turn everyday things found in the kitchen into a science experiment.  The instruction booklet also includes the facts behind the experiment, teaching kids about the chemical reactions involved.  There are also some fun trivia facts about the subject. This kit will inspire youngsters, making science fun, relevant and interesting.

Freddy decided that he wanted to try out the volcano experiment first, which uses the reaction between baking soda and vinegar to create a simulated molten lava eruption.  Big sister Kezia helped him follow the instructions and do the experiment safely.


The plastic volcano has an indentation in the top into which you put two teaspoons of baking soda, a few drops of washing up liquid and some red food colouring.

volcano experiment

Then you add some vinegar and watch as the volcano erupts.  It works because the chemical reaction creates carbon dioxide gas that escapes as bubbles creating the lava effect.  If you wash the volcano after use, you can recreate this experiment again and again.  It's a bit messy, but it's lots of fun.

kids science

The 4M Kidz Labs Kitchen Science set is suitable for kids aged 5 and up and costs £11.95.  You can find out more at the Great Gizmos website at:


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