Friday, 27 March 2015

Food Saving Tips and Menu Planning Love Food Hate Waste

I have taken part in the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, which aims to raise awareness to encourage families to stop wasting food. Reducing food waste will have both an economical and an environmental impact, making it really important to both our pockets and the planet.

There are lots of ways that we can make the fresh foods we buy last longer by using savvy storage ideas, and there are loads of ideas for family meals that will utilise leftover vegetables and fresh produce, so nothing goes to waste at the end of the week.


Menu planning really is a great way to manage feeding the family.  Having a range of meals in your repertoire and buying ingredients that can be used to make several different dishes, sees that nothing goes to waste.  It saves money, and being well organised, can save valuable time and effort too.

With some careful planning, today's waste can become tomorrow's ingredients.  Sauces, cooked vegetables, excess pasta or extra sausages can be incorporated into the next day's dinner. Any leftover meals can easily be boxed up and frozen ready to be reheated.  Much cheaper, nicer and healthier than buying ready meals!

menu, vegetarian

Here is a recipe that I make at the end of the week, which uses up any vegetables I have left over.  It also uses a cheese sauce made using any bits of cheese left in the fridge.  It is adaptable and versatile and is really tasty!


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