Friday, 20 March 2015

Managing your money with Nutmeg

Being an adult is a complicated business where we have to face up to grown up responsibilities such as having to do self-assessments for the Inland Revenue, trying to find the best broadband provider whilst living in a rural area, finding the best mortgage for our personal situation and negotiating the best deal on our car insurance. Another area that we have to tackle is how to best manage our finances.  Let's face facts: life is expensive. These days being a parent comes with a massive financial burden. It has been estimated that it can cost a staggering  £227,266 to raise a child to adulthood (according to the Centre of Economic and Business Research) making it vitally important that we make the most of our savings. Managing money can be a minefield, which is why we need to make sure we do our research before making any long term decisions. offers a financial solution to investors offering a simple way to manage savings online. It provides a effective way to create a professional portfolio that can help people make the most of their savings.

Nutmeg is an investment company that has reinvented the wealth management industry, with an aim of making it accessible to everyone, giving complete transparency and peace of mind. With a team of talented, dedicated individuals, they aim to create an intuitive service that is an example of how investing should be. Nutmeg can help you set up your portfolio in under 10 minutes; you can create as many funds as you like and you can top up, transfer or withdraw whenever you like. They regularly rebalance your portfolio, selecting from a diverse, global range of assets, to ensure you have the best chance of staying on track.

To set up a professional portfolio, all you have to do is tell Nutmeg’s team about your financial situation, how much you want to invest, your time frame and your attitude to risk. With this information, Nutmeg build and manage a portfolio for you, diversifying your investments. Their experienced investment team monitors your portfolio, adjusting the asset allocation and rebalancing every month.  In this way, they aim to produce the best return, at low cost, for the risk level you choose.

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You can start with as little as £1,000 per fund (plus minimum monthly contributions of £50 for portfolios below £5,000) and set up as many funds as you like — whether you are investing for your children's university fees, saving for a deposit on a new home or just saving for a rainy day— each with their own time frames and risks. You can open a Nutmeg ISA, start a Nutmeg personal pension (min investment £5,000) and transfer your ISAs and personal pension pots from other providers, consolidating your investments to suit your financial needs.

You have access to an online, jargon-free overview of your investments whenever you like, so you’ll always know exactly how they’re performing and how much you’re paying.  You can then sit back and relax while the investment experts constantly monitor and rebalance your portfolio to keep it on track with your goals.

The cost of choosing Nutmeg to manage your investments is similar to the cost of doing it yourself, and avoids many of the fees charged by primary alternatives, making it a good value service.
Nutmeg charges a simple fee of between 0.3 and 1.0%, which is based on the value of your investment, which gives you:

Professional discretionary investment management
Free withdrawals on a weekly schedule
24/7 access to an online account
Regular rebalancing to keep your funds on track
Live chat, phone, and email support

As with all investments, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio with Nutmeg can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.  This post has been written in association with Nutmeg.


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