Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Gorgeous Girly Card Set Review

With Mother's Day coming up, it was the perfect time for Kezia and her friend Georgia to put The Gorgeous Girly Card Set from Interplay to the test. All mums love to receive a handmade card made for them by their kids on Mother's Day, and this kit provides everything needed to make nine gorgeous cards using feathers, sequins, glitter and ribbons, that would fit the bill perfectly.

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The contents of the kit includes coloured folded cards, envelopes, decorative sheets, 300 sequins, feathers, ribbons, motif sheets, glitter, sticky pads, glue and the instruction manual with step by step instructions for nine projects.

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Kezia and Georgia decided that they both wanted to make the Sequined Heart Card.  Although there was only one pre-cut heart motif, they were able to use it as a template to make a second heart using the coloured card.  Once the motifs are all used up, the pre-cut shape sheets double up as stencils so you can carry on creating hand made greetings cards for every occasion.

The step by step instruction booklet is fully illustrated and very detailed so they knew exactly what to do to create their cards.  The first two projects in the booklet give the techniques and practice needed to make the rest of the more advanced designs

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The glue that came with the set was quite runny and not as strong as they liked and so they substituted it for Pritt Stick and PVA glue.  The PVA worked best at holding on the sequins, while the glue stick was good for sticking card together.

The Gorgeous Girly Card Kit from Interplay

Using sequins is very fiddly at the best of times, but with gluey fingers it is even fiddlier.  Using a pair of tweezers turned out to be a shrewd move when it came to positioning the coloured layers of sequins onto the heart. The girls quickly perfected their technique.

The Gorgeous Girly Card Kit from Interplay

Once the sequined heart was completed, it was mounted onto the card with a feather behind it and a bow underneath it to complete the design.  The double sided sticky pads worked really well for this job, giving a 3D effect to the finished card.

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The girls put their own individual spin on the cards that they made, using their own preferred colour schemes. There are plenty of sequins included, but you could always add to the contents and use other bits and bobs to achieve your desired effect.

The girls did a great job and had fun being creative with the card kit.  Georgia's mum and Kezia's nan are in for a treat on Mother's Day with their bespoke Sequined Heart cards.

The Gorgeous Girly Card Kit from Interplay

The Gorgeous Girly Card Kit is a myStyle craft kit from Interplay and is suitable for children aged 8 - 12 years old.  It makes 9 designs of greeting card complete with envelopes and costs £12.99.

It's a great kit for older girls who have the patience and the steady hand to work independently, giving good end results that loved ones will be happy to receive for any occasion.

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