Wednesday, 4 March 2015

New exhibit CLAWS coming to Sea Life Manchester this Easter

Goodbye to the star attraction

Sea Life Manchester is preparing to say goodbye to the stunning Starfish which have been on display since May 2014, as they prepare to move across the country to be exhibited at Sea Life Birmingham.

Sea Life

The starfish, which have been on display, include Giant Pink and Sunflower Starfish, as well as the Brittle and Common Starfish, which are native to the UK.  We loved seeing the huge starfish when we last visited, they are such strange creatures!  Freddy loved climbing through the tunnels and popping his head up into the glass domes to get a close look at the wonderful displays. 

Sea Life, Manchester, star fish

The Manchester aquarium is now getting ready to welcome an exciting new exhibit CLAWS which will arrive in Easter.  CLAWS suggests to me that some crabby inhabitants may be moving to Manchester to entertain the crowds very soon!  

The CLAWS exhibits will be joining Ernie the Green Turtle, the brilliant octopus, the Blacktip Reef Shark, the seahorses and the other incredible creatures housed at Sea Life Manchester.  

Find out more about Sea Life Manchester at:


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