Saturday, 28 March 2015

It's a Bing Thing! - New Bing DVD now available

For the first time, much to the delight of my son Freddy, Bing is available on DVD.  Bing is a cute little black rabbit, who has adventures with his carer Flop and his friends Coco, Charlie, Pando and Sula.  Based on the books by Ted Dewan, Bing celebrates the noisy, joyful messy reality of being a small child.

Bing, CBeebies

Freddy watches a Bing on BBC iPlayer every night before bed.  He loves the storytelling and each episode comes with an important message, teaching children social skills about friendship, sharing and taking turns. Each story ends with the reassuring "It's a Bing thing!" message.

BING will be available on DVD for the very first time on March 30th, and fans can enjoy the following episodes:

Swing, Bye Bye, Ducks, Growing, Hide & Seek, Lost, Frog, Bake, Atchoo! and VooVoo.

Filled with gentle humour, energy, wonder and everyday dramas, that little ones and their parents will recognise, the stories are told from Bing's perspective.

The DVD also contains a ‘Grow With Bing’ height chart – a perfect addition to the play room so you can see how your little one grows!

Cert. U 
RRP: £9.99


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