Sunday, 15 February 2015

Spring Blossom Persil Washing Up Liquid

It may be cold and wintry outside, but you can bring the scent of springtime floral freshness into your home with Persil's limited edition Spring Blossom Washing Up Liquid.  With hints of freesia, white rose, vanilla and dry fruit, it's the perfect aroma to remind us that spring is just around the corner.

I was sent a bottle to try and have to confess that I am actually a bit of a fan of seasonal washing up liquids.  (Yes...I am very easily pleased!) Washing up isn't a fun job, but having a choice of fragrances to match the season definitely adds a little something to the task, making it slightly less of a chore.  It's a little pleasure in my dish-doing life!

Persil does a good job on the dishes and makes plenty of scented bubbles in the sink.  It costs £1 for a 500ml bottle which lasts pretty well and does exactly what it says on the bottle!

Persil, washing up


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