Monday, 16 February 2015

Dolphin Tale 2 - Film Review

I remember when I first watched Dolphin Tale, the true story of Winter the dolphin.  It really was beautiful, inspirational and heartwarming.  Now, Dolphin Tale 2 is out and we excitedly settled down to watch the next installment to find out what has happened to Winter since she was rescued and rehabilitated by the team at Clearwater.

The sequel is set several years after the first film and the team face a new challenge.  Winter's elderly surrogate mother and pool mate Panama passes away leaving her alone.  Due to the USDA regulations, the loss of Panama may mean that Clearwater loses Winter to another aquarium, as dolphin's can't be housed alone.  The search is on to find a suitable companion for Winter.

Winter the dolphin

The main cast is reunited for the sequel, including the brilliant Morgan Freeman, who plays Dr McCarthy, the creator of Winter's prosthetic tail.  Harry Connick Jr, Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson and Nathan Gamble also star alongside the main attraction of the movie, Winter herself.

When Panama dies, Winter becomes very depressed and angry.  How they get her to act so well is incredible! She needs a new companion, but it isn't that easy.  Winter's behaviour and her refusal to co-operate makes things very difficult for everyone, especially Sawyer, who is making some big life changing decisions of his own.

With time running out and with moral dilemmas to contend with, things are looking bleak for Winter, but then along comes some hope...

This sequel is all about friendship, determination and doing the right thing.  It is a great watch for older children and families.  The animal stars are amazing, and the fact that the story is based on true life events makes it very poignant.  There is a wonderful scene where a dolphin is released back into the wild and it is truly heartwarming and so emotional.

Dolphin Tale 2 will be a lovely film to watch, sat down together as a family this half term.

We watched it as a part of a home screening event.  You can find out other bloggers' reactions by following the hashtag #dolphintale2movie on Twitter.


Release Date: 16th February 2015
Certificate: U
Running Time: 107 minutes
Format: Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD


* Dolphin Tale 2: Underwater Magic
* Dolphin Tale 2: True Story
* Look Who’s Running The show
* Bethany Hamilton Meets Winter
* Dolphin Tale 2: The Mission
* Cozi Zuehlsdorff - "Brave Souls"
* Gavin DeGraw - "You Got Me"
* Blooper Reel


* Dolphin Tale 2: True Story

Dolphin Tale 2 is available on Blu-ray and DVD from 16th February 2015.


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