Monday, 2 February 2015

Playmobil Easter Gift Eggs

This Easter, why not get the kids a gift that will last a lot longer than a chocolate egg?  

Playmobil Eggs are a brilliant alternative, containing a fabulous Playmobil figure and accessories inside a colourful plastic shell.  The contents build into a lovely playset and are available in different themes to suit the child's taste.  We received a Playmobil Pirates Egg and a Playmobil Princesses Egg to try out.  

The packaging is very enticing, with the large egg showing through the cardboard surround.  The 13 cm tall egg opens into two halves and inside is the Playmobil toy set.  The 50 piece pirate set consists of a pirate figure in full regalia along with a rowing boat and lots of bits and bobs such as a treasure chest, gold coins, pistol and drinking bottle.  The  princess  comes with a vanity station, plant pot, flowers and beauty accessories in a 27 piece set. 

Easter, Playmobil

Freddy was really excited to get his hands on the Playmobil Pirate Egg. He loved the pirate set that was inside it and with a little help was able to put the bits of the rowing boat together.  The pirate was soon rowing his boat and waving his pistol in the air! Freddy already has some other Playmobil Pirates toys, and this new set will be a fabulous addition to the collection. The quality and detail of Playmobil makes it one of my favourite toy brands and I love how they are equally good as a stand alone toy or as a collectible toy.

The Playmobil Easter Eggs are recommended for children aged between 3 and 10 years old.  They are excellently priced at £6.99.  This year Playmobil have the pirate and the princess egg, as well as a beach scene and a tractor egg to choose from.

They will be available online at in time for Easter.  (You can set up an email reminder to let you know when they are available to buy.)


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