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Beauty Products on Review - TanOrganic Original Self Tan and Jooma 2 in 1 Cleanser and Moisturiser

TanOrganic Original Self Tan

I've always used to associate fake tans with the cast of TOWIE, who sport their orange hued skin like a designer fashion accessory. Or I think of Ross from Friends and his unfortunate experience in the spray tan booth where he counted 'Mississipily' and ended up with a shade 8 instead of a 2!

However, in real life, fake tans are definitely not as extreme as those examples.  My daughter, who has a very pale complexion, swears by using a little fake tan to give her a healthy glow, and it looks great. So when I was offered the chance to try out some, I looked forward to giving myself a sunless bronzing, as an antidote to the winter blues. 

Fake tans are so much safer than using sunbeds or indeed sunbathing, but it is very important to me that faking it gives a subtle, natural looking tan, rather than an artificial orange coating!

TanOrganic is the first Eco certified, all natural, organic self tanning oil that nourishes and hydrates the skin.  It is marketed to those who care about what they put on their skin but who still want a professional looking finish.  As it is ethically made and approved by PETA it is also a brand for conscientious consumers.  For me, all these things are very important, and TanOrganic's outstanding credentials make it very appealing.

natural beauty

In addition to its ethical appeal, TanOrganic also gives:

– Buildable colour that allows you the versatility to go from a subtle glow to a deep tan
– 84% Aloe Vera for a streak free application that moisturises your skin and fades perfectly
– No perfume or fragrance, so no more “fake tan” smell
– Develops quickly and lasts for days

But what about the results?  

The TanOrganic oil applies really well to the skin.  When first squeezed out I detected a slight orange smell which was very pleasant, but this faded very quickly to give a fragrance free application.  It feels really smooth and moisturising on the skin, with no stickiness or residue.  I must confess that I was a little nervous and worried about streaking but it went on easily with a streak free and even finish.  I didn't have to faff about at all. Simple!

My skin glowed and looked naturally bronzed, but maybe more importantly, it felt lovely and soft and hydrated.  The formula feels very moisturising. It's amazing what a boost it gives you, having a healthy looking glow.  I love that it is an all natural and organic product, and is definitely something that I will enjoy using.

A 100ml bottle of TanOrganic costs £19.99 and is available from Superdrug or from TanOrganic online (with free delivery on orders over £7).  Aplication mitts and erasers are also available.

Joomo 2 in 1 Cleanser and Moisturiser

Joomo is a 100% natural face wash, made with out using any junk such as parabens, preservatives, soaps or foamers. There is nothing synthetic, nothing harsh and nothing dangerous in the ingredients list. Everything is 100% natural with no physical or chemical changes, harnessing the power of their active ingredients to cleanse and repair the skin.  Raw honey, cinnamon, orange and sea salt are among the ingredients used to create the gentle and effective face wash, which helps prevent acne, spots, blackheads, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and dermatitis.

Joomo Face wash contains SaponinJTM, which is a unique proprietary skin repair system that enables the skin to return to its natural state and helps prevent ailments. It consists of a specially balanced all natural formula of Saponins, essential oils, sea salt, natural sugars, natural pH modifiers, natural anti-oxidants, natural softeners & emollients.  It  treats existing skin ailments and rebuilds and repairs the damage done through the use of synthetic products. Joomo is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and hypoallergenic, making it totally safe to use with therapeutic properties.

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Although designed for young, spot prone skin, Joomo is suitable for everyone, especially if you have sensitive or problem skin.  Both Kezia and I love using Joomo face wash and were excited to try out the new 2 in 1 Cleanser and Moisturiser.

The Honey and Orange fragrance is gorgeous.  It smells so natural with a warming hint of cinnamon spice.  Using the face wash can at first seem a little strange as it doesn't foam up like other synthetic cleansers that many of us have previously been used to. But it does make the skin feel silky smooth and soft after using it.  You simply smooth it on then rinse well. There is no tightness or dryness and your face feels hydrated and moisturised without any greasiness. Knowing that it is 'junk' free and natural is so reassuring.

natural face wash

The Joomo Face Wash 2 in 1 Cleanser and Moisturiser comes in two packaging designs for both boys and girls, to appeal to the youngsters that the product is marketed for.  I think this is a great idea as so many beauty products are targeted primarily at women.  Having the boy friendly packaging makes this product great for lads too, giving them ownership of their skincare regime.

The 100ml tube costs £9.95 and is available to buy from the Joomo website (delivery rates apply).


Both of these products tick all of the boxes when it comes to choosing ethical, natural beauty products.  I was impressed by the performance of both and love knowing that they are made from ingredients that are completely safe and not synthetic.  Both TanOrganic and Joomo are leading the way, creating natural, top quality, effective products for conscientious consumers who care about what they put on their skin and what goes into the beauty products they buy.

We were sent a sample of each product to test out for the purpose of this review, but retain all editorial control.


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