Sunday, 15 February 2015

Books on Review - The Butterfly Club and Fingerprint Fun

Fingerprint Fun

However young (or old) your children are, they will love the new Fingerprint Fun book.  Using painty fingerprints, children can complete the pictures adding spots on animals, creating fireworks or putting the petals on flowers.  

Each page is colourful and the designs are lovely and quirky, ready to be completed using multi-coloured fingerprints.  Once all the pages have been finished, the book will serve as a lovely memento of your child's little fingerprints.

Fingerprint Fun is good for reluctant artists, encouraging them to get arty with great results from little effort.  It's also lovely for very little ones who can be supported to finish the paintings using their little painty fingers.

Fingerprint Fun is from Buster Books and is published on April 2nd RRP £5.00.

Buster Books

The Butterfly Club

This is Jacqueline Wilson's 101st book!  Over the years, all of my girls have been fans of Jacqueline Wilson at one time or another.  They love her strong female characters and can relate to many of the situations in her books.  The Butterfly Club tells the story of triplet Tina, the smallest and most cosseted of the three sisters, as she enters junior school.  Used to being looked after and protected by her two sisters Phil and Maddie, it comes as a shock when their new teacher, the very strict Mrs Lovejoy, seats Tina at a table next to the school bully Selma.

Things look very upsetting for Tina until she is asked to help create a butterfly garden in the school grounds along with Selma.  Tina soon discovers that there is more to Selma than meets the eye, and also that she doesn't need her sisters as much as she thinks.  Tina learns to stand on her own two feet and finds friendship in the unlikeliest of places.

This book is a lovely read, written from Tina's perspective.  The themes of friendship and developing self-confidence bring some important messages to young readers aged 6 to 10 years old. Watching tiny Tina go from a nervous little girl who is almost unable to function without her sisters' support to a confident and successful young lady is quite heartwarming!  The butterfly garden plot line helps readers to learn all about butterflies along with Tina and at the end of the book are some informative pages for anyone wanting to make their own garden, filled with facts and advice.

For fans of Jacqueline Wilson books, there is a nice surprise as the characters from Double Act make a guest appearance.  It was really nice to meet Ruby and Garnet again now they are all grown up!

With Nick Sharratt's illustrations gracing the pages, The Butterfly Club promises to be a new favourite among younger fans.  It will also be a great introduction to Jacqueline Wilson for girls aged six and over, who are yet to discover the author.  It is a contemporary, fun story that is easy to read, with some great characters,

The Butterfly Club is out now in hardbook, published by Doubleday RRP £12.99.  Also available as an e-book.

Jacqueline Wilson

We received both titles for the purpose of this review.


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