Thursday, 5 February 2015

Alphabites - Monstrously Good Cereals

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day, so I make sure Freddy starts the day with a wholesome bowl of cereals. Unfortunately, many of the cereals on the market, especially those  aimed at children, tend to contain high quantities of salt and sugar. These are not the ingredients I want my kids eating first thing in the morning.

BEAR Alphabites are a fun and kid friendly cereal that is free from refined sugar, salt or nasty additives.  They are made from just six all natural ingredients - five tasty multigrains and coconut blossom nectar.  Cocoa Multigrain Alphabites are also available for those looking for a healthy alternative to chocolatey breakfast cereals.

BEAR Alphabites provide children with a bowl of crunchy and tasty alphabet letters, that spell an end to hungry bellies!  They are so good, they won't even realise that they are a healthy option!  At the moment, the fun factor is increased by the addition of free monster fridge magnets inside each box. Featuring letter shaped characters from Monsterbet City, the 26 magnets each represent one of the monstrous inhabitants, such as Barney the Bin Bellied Bloover and Horace the Hairsniffler!


Not only are the fridge magnets really cute and a lot of fun, they also get the kids' minds going as they think about their own ideas for monsters representing the different letters of the alphabet. Freddy made a monster using the BEAR's Monsterbet Creator and some lovely crafty bits that BEAR sent us.  He had a monstrously good time!

kids crafts

He started by drawing a big letter F, the first letter of his name, and then made the letter into a monster using tissue paper, feathers, glitter glue, felt, shiny card and pompoms. His monster was called 'Fearless Freddy who eats French Fries.'  He was very proud of his creation.  I love how the BEAR Alphabites manage to combine being a healthy breakfast cereal with being appealing to children and inspiring their creativity and imagination.  They really do make a great start to the day!

monster, arts and crafts

BEAR Alphabites are available in Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Ocado, Tesco and some healthfood shops and independent stockists for £2.69 RRP.


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