Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Eat Well with Olives Et Al

I was sent a selection of products from Olives Et Al, which is a Dorset based company specialising in award winning olives, nuts, dressings, marinades, sauces and oils.  With authentic global flavours, this lovingly handcrafted gourmet range gives us the opportunity to enjoy some fantastic fayre in the comfort of our own home.

I received some Red Chilli Harissa Sauce, Pink Grapefruit Marinade, Chipotle Chilli Olives and Chilli Billy Jelly Relish to try out.  They are all suitable for vegans, vegetarians and are gluten free and will enhance meals with their intense natural flavours.  They are additive free and made using the finest ingredients.

olives, marinades

Ian is a huge fan of olives and was delighted to sample the Smoky Chipotle Chilli Olives.  The whole green olives are marinated in chipotle chilli infused extra virgin olive oil to give a lovely smoky warmth.  Once the olives are eaten, the oil can be used to add a spicy, smoky depth to dishes.

Olives et al

The intense, fiery, aromatic flavour of the North African style Red Chilli Harissa Sauce gives a flavousome hit of heat to dishes.  I made Harissa Houmous, combining chick peas, oil, lemon juice, nut butter, smoky paprika and a spoonful of Harissa.  It gave the houmous a lovely kick of flavour, enhancing its taste.

Olives et al

Serving the Harrissa flavoured houmous and the Chipotle Olives alongside a plate of warmed, sliced wholemeal pitta bread made a wonderful supper for my family.  Delicious and so simple.

Olives et al

The Chilli Billy Jelly is a chilli and ginger relish, which is perfect with cheese or can be added to soups and stews.  For me, it will be served as the condiment on a Halloumi and Portabello Mushroom Burger. The relish has a powerful kick of heat with the warmth of ginger, which will work perfectly with the salty cheese.  It will be a great relish for the festive season with all its cheeseboards! 

The Mojo Pink Grapefruit Marinade and Dressing is inspired by a recipe from the Cayman Isles in the Caribbean. For a tasty vegetarian accompaniment, it can be served with rice or salads, adding a fruity Caribbean twist to mealtimes.

I love the all natural products, made from real, fresh ingredients.  It is great to find such quality, authentic, flavoursome products that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. They are versatile and can add a flavoursome punch to an array of dishes. 

I'm planning on adding Harissa to mayonnaise to serve with veggie burgers and and the Chilli Billy Jelly will be great in Chinese dishes such as marinated Tofu stir fry. 

They are available online at Olives Et Al and from other stockists (detailed online).  The products I have tried all retail at £4 each, which is a great price for such quality.


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