Friday, 22 August 2014

Jackson Reece Launches in Boots!

When Freddy was a baby we loved using Jackon Reece's Herbal Wipes as they are so pure and 'kinder by nature'.  They give you the convenience you need when dealing with a baby in need of cleaning up, but are also free from the nasties associated with some other brands, being made from 99% naturally derived plant based ingredients.  They also do Unscented Wipes, ideal if you have a baby with particularly sensitive skin or eczema.  Jackson Reece also produce the brilliant Nose Nuzzles for cleaning and soothing little noses, when children have a cold. They are greener, safer and kinder products to use on our precious children's skin.

The brand has gone from strength to strength, since being developed by parents Colin and Janet on their kitchen table, gaining overwhelming positive feedback worldwide and winning over 20 industry awards. 

Now, you can buy Jackson Reece products from Boots stores nationwide, making them even more convenient!

babies, wipes, greener wipes

Product range available at BOOTS

Nose Nuzzles RRP £2.49
Unscented Baby Wipes RRP £2.00
Herbal baby Wipes RRP £2.00


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