Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Big Adventure with Mothercare and ELC

Mothercare has launched a new range for summer,  and it's all about adventure!  The Adventure range conjures up the world of camping holidays, the outdoors and nature watching.  For girls there are vintage florals and mix and match photographic prints.  For the boys there are muted and chalky colours, fluorescent highlights and graphics inspired by nature and adventure.

Tying in with this theme of adventure, ELC has a fabulous range of toys including the Discovery Channel 4 x 30 Binoculars (£6.99) and FM Walkie Talkies (£24.99), plus their own brand Explorers Kits (£15.00).

Freddy was delighted to receive a fabulous 'The Big Adventure' long sleeved graphic T-Shirt (currently half price at £3.50 - £4.00) featuring a cool photo of the great outdoors, along with some ELC goodies and nature books to help him enjoy his own big adventure!

little explorers

We loved the T-Shirt which was well sized and well made from 100% breathable cotton, which is soft on children's skin.  The muted green raglan sleeves, the contrast stitching and the stylish graphic print make this the perfect top for big adventurers aged up to 8 years old.

The ELC Explorer Kit contains everything that a budding adventurer might need to discover the world around them.  A wrist compass, a magnifying glass, torch, magnified bug catcher with tweezers and binoculars plus some nature cards are packed inside a see-through rucksack.

My little adventurer was ready to explore!

Mothercare, ELC

For children, everyday is an adventure filled with discovery and wonder.  It was a rainy, wet day when we went for a walk around Bridgemere Gardens, but that didn't deter Freddy from going on his big adventure.  Using his binoculars, he looked around for birds, took a closer look at the leaves on trees and checked out the things up ahead.

He loved his wrist compass which he used to find North.  His daddy showed him how the arrow always pointed to the north, even if he moved around.  Freddy tried to find some bugs but the rain meant that apart from one brave Hover Fly, our adventure was relatively bug free.  So bug catching will be saved for another day.  Instead, Daddy hid some coins for Freddy to discover.  Using his exploration skills and the age old technique of 'getting hotter or colder', Freddy discovered the treasure among the plants and under the trees.  He loved his adventure and wondered if it was pirates, and not Daddy, that had left the coins for him to find.

The ELC toys help children learn and develop through play; stimulating their imagination and creativity.  

Mothercare, ELC, Bridgemere Garden Centre

After a busy afternoon exploring, it was time to explore the cafe where Freddy enjoyed some yummy grapes and a Millionaire's Shortbread, whilst still wearing his compass.  An explorer's job is never done!

After his big adventure and his snack, Freddy's T-Shirt was ready for the wash.  I am happy to report that it washed up beautifully at 40 degrees.

Find out more about the Adventure range and view other products from Mothercare and the ELC at:


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