Monday, 28 April 2014

A Foodie Review Round Up

Luxury Drinking Chocolate from Hans Sloane

This award winning drinking chocolate from Hans Sloane London is something very special indeed!  The exquisitely shined 100% real chocolate beads are designed to melt into milk or water to create a unique drinking experience.

vegan hot chocolate, luxury hot chocolate

This rich, creamy, velvety chocolate drink exceeds any other drinking chocolate I have ever tasted.  The pure chocolate taste is exquisite and exactly how you want hot chocolate to taste.  The Rich Dark Drinking Chocolate is dairy free, so when combined with almond or soya milk makes a wonderfully indulgent vegan hot chocolate drink. I love to find a dairy free product that is as good as this! The Milk Chocolate variety is sweeter and lighter, perfect for the kids.

Three tablespoons of chocolate into a 200g mug of milk, water or a combination of both (according to taste) makes the perfect drink.  You can add extras such as cinnamon, salted caramel or flavoured syrups to make your own perfect drink.

Hans Sloane Drinking Chocolates are available in Waitrose and Tesco nationwide with an RRP of £4.99. 

McCain Roasted Garlic Wedges

When you have a family to feed, it is really handy to have some quick and easy standby foods in the freezer for mealtimes.  McCain Wedges are one such product, which make a great accompaniment to dinners that my kids enjoy.  They also make a good savoury sharing snack for movie nights or parties. They are so convenient when you are short of time: just pop them on a tray in the oven to cook.

For this summer, McCain have launched a limited edition Roasted Garlic flavour to the range.  The tasty, garlicky coating adds a depth of flavour.  They are perfect for dipping in ketchup or mayo.

wedges, potato,

McCain Roasted Garlic Wedges are available in the freezer aisle of stores now with a 750g bag costing £2 RRP.

Get Your 7 a day with a little help from Princes Tinned Fruit

breakfast, 7 a day ideas, fruit, tinned fruit

We are now being told to up our 5 a day to 7 portions of fruit and vegetables daily.  Government guidelines include tinned fruit in juice as a serving, so having a few tins handy can help to achieve this quota, especially as they are so convenient and don't go off like fresh fruits.  Princes have a range of fruit such as peaches, pears, mandarin segments, grapefruit and prunes, which can make a quick pudding or be used to add some fruit to breakfast time.

Serving some tinned fruit on yogurt, on porridge, with granola or with your cereals in the morning is an easy way to get an extra portion of fruit  into your diet. You could even incorporate a can into a fruity smoothie. The kids will enjoy it too, giving them a nutritious boost to their breakfast.  It's definitely worth keeping a couple in the store cupboard for a convenient way of adding extra fruit to mealtimes.

A 290g can of Californian Pitted Prunes or a 415g can of Peach Slices retail at 99p in major supermarkets.


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