Saturday, 19 April 2014

Box of OMG and Box of Awseome Review #totallyomg

When our Mega Box of OMG and Mega Box of Awesome arrived, Freddy and Kizzy couldn't wait to get stuck in to find out what treats were inside.  Filled with goodies from top brands such as HARIBO, Plasticine and Nickelodeon, the boxes are packed with things such as stickers, trading cards, toys, sweets and books.  They are great for keeping the kids entertained in the school holidays!

Freddy had a Mega Box of Awesome.  He was instantly delighted to find Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Skylanders and Predasaurs DNA Fusion items among the goodies inside.


The Odd Squad Bully Bait by Michael Fry was a great freebie to find in the Mega Box of Awesome. Although he is a bit young for it now, we'll keep it on his bookshelf for him.  It's a great book to get boys reading.

freebies for kids

Kids are always happy to find a treat size pack of HARIBO Starmix to munch on!  Finding one in his Box of Awesome went down very well.

box of awesome

The Predasaurs DNA Fusion pack featured a Stegasaurus/Triceratops hybrid toy, which Freddy thought was really cool.

Box of Awesome

The Plasticine Squidgems pack was brilliant.  It contained Plasticine, cardboard accessories and instructions needed to make Raphael one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It was a great activity and of course the Plasticine can be re-used again and again.

Plasticine, Box of Awesome

The Box of Awesome was definitely a big hit with Freddy filled with things he loved.

Meanwhile Kizzy received her Box of OMG and here she is doing an unboxing video.


Again, her box contained a book which retails at £6.99, as well as HARIBO, a funky nail file, stickers, tattoos and Nickelodeon games gift card.

You can receive boxes of OMG and Awesome completely free if you apply online and are allocated one, or you can guarantee your two monthly boxes of Mega OMG and Awesome by subscribing for £4.99 a box. You can also join the community and become one of the Super Awesome Club where you can increase your chances of winning a box through the post by earning Awesome points by sharing on Twitter and Facebook, getting friends to sign up, uploading unboxing videos or inputting codes from previous boxes.  There also great prizes to be won including iPad minis!  It's a lot of fun and well worth joining in.

Check out or go to Facebook at boxofomg and sign up for free now.


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