Saturday, 12 April 2014

Green Science Dynamo Torch Review

We were sent a 4M Green Science Dynamo Torch kit to try out from Great Gizmos.  It contains everything needed to make a working, wind-up torch and teaches children about electrical energy in the process.  It's high voltage inspiration and fun!

kids science

Comprising of a toy motor, LED lamp, gears and torch casing, cover and accessories, children aged 8 and over can create their own torch.  In doing so, they will learn how to follow instructions, improve their dexterity and gain an understanding of basic electronics.

kids science

The clear instruction sheet gives an assembly diagram and step by step guide for making the torch.  Kizzy's first look at the instructions left her a bit confused, but with Dad on hand she soon got stuck in.  Adult supervision is probably advisable unless you have an electronics whizz for a child.

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Once her Dad had pointed her in the right direction, she was able to affix the LED to the casing, install the gears, attach the handle and connect the wires to the motor.  You need a small cross head screwdriver to assemble the torch using little screws, which can prove a bit fiddly for a child.  Again, Dad was on hand to assist Kizzy.

electronics for kids

Once it is assembled, the handle can be turned which converts hand motion into electrical energy which lights up the green bulb.  Kizzy was very impressed that she had made the torch light up.

kinetic energy, light, electricity

The casing can be attached to a plastic bottle to make a unique torch from your favourite pop bottle.  A great use of recycling!  The torch makes a practical and functional emergency light for kids to use in the dark, powered by hand motion.  

electronics, torch

The instructions include fun facts about elecricity.  It explains how electric generators work and how the physical power of  winding the handle converts kinetic energy to electrical energy.  Making electricity in this way is a form of renewable energy which gives off no pollution, opening up children's minds to the concept of greener, environmentally friendly energy sources.


Freddy was very interested in the finished product and was very intrigued at how the torch worked.  That is the beauty of these children's science kits.  Kids learn so much from playing, and even from a young age this can spark a real love of science.

The Dynamo Torch set retails at £11.95.
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