Friday, 7 February 2014

Valentine's Gifts in Unusual Places

This Valentine's Day, if you are looking for some cute, quirky and great value gifts to treat the man in your life, then it's time to defy convention.  Forget about looking for tacky toys or novelty presents in expensive gift shops, florists or jewellers...check out Sports Direct.  With hundreds of products available online or in store, you'll find perfect presents for your other half...even if he isn't that sporty!  Many of the items are under £20 so you'll find some top bargains too.

Here are my five fab finds that Ian would love to receive on Valentine's Day.

Lee Cooper Hi-Top Trainers £12.99

I love a man in a pair of canvas hi-tops.  They are playful and bring back memories of being young and carefree.  They remind me of summers spent having fun, being impressed by him doing tricks on his skateboard whilst looking casually and effortlessly cool.  You're never too old to embody the inner skater boy! Give these to a guy to let him know that you love him heart and 'sole'!!

Sports Direct

Superman Classic Folded Wallet  £14.99

Let him know that he is your superhero with this fun take on a sensible gift.  Wallets are always a really acceptable present because, after all, we always need somewhere to keep our cash and cards safe!  This one is perfect for fans of comic books, embellished with classic comic strip artwork and bearing the Superman logo.  With the resurgence of DC and Marvel, many man have a secret (or not so secret) hankering to be a superhero...and this Valentine's Day, I'll happily be Lois Lane to Ian's Superman!

sports direct

Arsenal Mini-Football Table £17.00

Whether he supports Chelsea, Man Utd, Spurs, Liverpool or Arsenal, re-enacting on pitch action with a mini-football table can be most cathartic.  The near misses, the great saves and the goals will never be as much fun than when played out together through the medium of table soccer.  It's a chance to embody the Premier League players and get a bit competitive.  What's not to love?

sports direct

 DC 3 Pack of Pyjama Bottoms £11.00

I love lounging around, snuggling on the sofa and watching a good film together.  In fact that would be my ideal way to spend Valentine's Day evening, after enjoying a delicious meal for two.  Cracking open a bottle of red and settling down with a movie, feeling all comfy and cosy is a wonderfully relaxing way to round of the evening.  If you throw these super cool DC PJ bottoms into that mix, the night just gets even more chilled.  I love the Iron Man, Thor and Hulk, Spidey & Captain America designs.  And as previously mentioned, many men love the whole superhero thing, making these a fantastic gift idea.  Perfect to cuddle up in!

sports direct

Calvin Klein Two Pack boxers £19.99

They are classic, sexy, snug fitting and something that every man should have in his pants' drawer.  The hot pink trimmed CK's are the perfect Valentine's Day underwear.  The waistband peeking out over the top of his jeans is a designer fashion statement boldly declaring that this guy is confident, smooth and isn't afraid to flash his pants in public. A great gift that is practical, while still be a little frivolous and cheeky!

Sports Direct

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