Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Britain's Best Blanket Fort Competition #blanketfortcomp

The Furniture Market is hosting a competition, challenging families to build Britain's Best Blanket Fort! They'll be looking over all the entries and the most fantastic fort will be rewarded - the judges will be on the lookout for the most imaginative and impressive creations, with the winner receiving a £100 Love2Shop voucher!

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With the weather being so wet, windy and chilly at the moment, indoor fort making is a great activity providing a comfy and cosy place for the kids to play, read books or even have an indoor picnic. Armed with blankets, cushions, beanbags and furniture, kids can get building themselves a den of their own creation to relax and chill out in.

A blanket fort is also an ideal setting for some imaginary role play games.  Little ones can pretend to be pirates, princesses, knights or explorers, unleashing their imaginations and embarking on fabulous adventures.

Fort building also tests children's problem solving skills and develops their creative thinking.  Communication and team work is an essential part of the proceedings as little ones work together to drape covers, shift furniture, gather cushions and create their perfect den.  

Freddy set to work to create his own blanket fort.  Armed with various sleeping bags, cushions, fleece blankets and a drop leaf dining room table, he fashioned a rather cosy little den perfect for snuggling up in.  It was a very simple design but very effective. He peeped out to watch TV and even enjoyed a snack inside.  As you can see he looks rather proud of his blanket fort building!

After the fort blanket had been vacated, it was easy to gather up all the bits and tidy them all away.  

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Blanket Fort Building Tips

Use pegs, rubber bands or safety pins to secure blankets if needed.
Create a lift up flap for easy access.
Incorporate large cardboard boxes to add stability and make a more interesting design.
Use a quilt to cover the floor inside your fort.
Use heavy books to hold down the bottom of the sheets or blankets to secure them.
Big opened golf umbrellas can add an interesting shape to your fort. 
Use different items of furniture such as tables, chairs and bunk beds to build your fort.
A well secured broomstick can create height in a tepee style fort.

Blanket Fort Safety Tips

Choose a safe place to build the fort so it isn't a tripping hazard for others.
Build your fort away from naked flames.
Make your fort away from breakable items.  You don't want to accidentally smash the TV!
Don't use plug in electrical lights inside, they can get hot an be a fire risk. (Torches are more fun too!)
If you are using chairs, be careful that they don't topple over.  Make a good, wide, secure base.

So what are you waiting for?

Build your best blanket fort.
Take a photograph of it.
Post the picture to The Furniture Market’s Facebook wall 
or Tweet the photo to @marketfurniture using hashtag #blanketfortcomp 
or upload your entry to Instagram and tag @thefurnituremarket. 


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