Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Pop Chef Review

Pop Chef is the funky gadget that allows you to make 'pop out treats in seconds'.  Consisting of six shape cutters that attach to the device, it allows you to cut shapes from food, like melon, cheese, bread or apple, and then pop them out of with a squeeze of the popper.  It is safe and simple to use and allows you to have fun with food and create some fancy food bouquets and sandwich masterpieces.

Pop Chef

You don't need to use sharp knives or cutters so Pop Chef is perfect for little ones to experiment and create edible food creations.  I let Freddy make himself some mini cheese sandwiches.  He chose the heart shaped cutter and was able to cut and pop out the shapes to make an adorable quadruple decker treat which he stuck onto a skewer and thoroughly enjoyed!  I liked that the Pop Chef was simple enough for Freddy to use independently, and it encouraged him to eat his sandwich with gusto.  He is a very fussy eater so anything that gets him actively interested in eating gets a thumbs up from me!

Pop Chef

For Valentine's day, the girls made some heart shaped cookie treats.  They cut the shapes out and made cookie lollies and iced a little 'I <3 U' message on some.  We used some to decorate desserts making an attractive decorative effect.

Pop Chef

The Pop Chef would be an excellent way to add interest to fruit salads or to regular salads by including stars, hearts and flowers to the mix.  It would also be useful in cake decorating, allowing you to cut shapes from fondant icing to use as cupcake toppers.  It would be far less fiddly than using a metal cutter on a work surface, as you don't have to handle the icing shapes.

I used the Pop Chef to add some heart shaped cut-outs to the top of my Mushroom Pie.  It is lovely to use for pastry as the pop out function keeps the shape perfectly intact. The bulb allows you to pop the cut foods out of the cutting tube really easily so you don't have to handle them. No more having to scrape them up from the work surface or poke them out of cutters with knives.  I look forward to experimenting more with this gadget, because quite frankly it's a lot of fun!

Pop chef

Pop chef is a great way to involve the kids in the kitchen, developing their creativity and encouraging an interest in healthy eating by making fruit and vegetables fun.  With some practice, kids could make some elaborate fruit bouquets by threading shapes onto skewers and arranging in a pretty display.  a great idea for parties!


It comes with six shapes, the popping bulb, a pack of skewers and a recipe booklet.  For approximately £10 it is good value for money and a really fun way to get the kids involved in food preparation.

Find out more here:  Pop-Chef


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