Monday, 3 February 2014

Some Lovely New Children's Picture Books on Review

The Boy Who Ate Everything 

by Clemency Pearce, illustrations by Richard Watson 
Top That Publishing RRP £6.99

If ever a book was written to appeal to my 4 year old son, it was this one.  The rhythmic, rhyming text tells the story of an old man reminiscing about the "most gruesome thing" he ever did that resulted in him being grounded for 80 years!!  As a kid he was so hungry he ate everything that came his way including his brother's underpants and the lady next door!  But it was the can of baked beans that he ate which was the final straw!  With colourful, funny pictures and a text that literally causes little ones to laugh out loud, this book will get even the most reluctant readers interested in books.  It's the perfect dose of toilet humour for kids and parents with a childish sense of humour.  Freddy thinks it is hilarious and it is such fun to read aloud.

picture book, Top That Publishing, toilet humour

Go To Sleep Or I Let Loose The Leopard 

by Steve Cole, illustrations by Bruce Ingman
Random House RRP £6.99

Joe and Ellie are playing up for the new babysitter and refusing to stay in bed but she has some tricks up her sleeve!  After lots of seemingly empty threats about unleashing toy-munching monsters and naughty-child-nibbling plants, the babysitter plays her trump card and let's loose the leopard!

There is a lovely twist in this fun going-to-bed book, which little ones will really enjoy.  The imagery of the words from the exasperated babysitter alongside the quirky illustrations combine to make this a great bedtime story.  A fantasy comic tale, which babysitters, parents and children will enjoy and be able to relate to.  The final page is just perfect and made the whole book for me!

Random House, picture book

Fairies of Blossom Bakery - Butterfly and the Birthday Surprise

by Mandy Archer and Kirsteen Harris-Jones
Random House RRP £6.99 (available 27/02/14)

For children who love stories about fairies and enjoy baking cakes, the Fairies of Blossom Hill Bakery is a series of books that combine those two things. The beautifully illustrated books feature tales from the Fairycake Kingdom where best friends Cupcake, Cookie, Plum, Sparkle, Button and Butterfly enjoy magical adventures together.  Suitable for slightly older readers to read independently, or as a story to share, these books are filled with pretty, gentle, frilly and fancy fairy related content.  Each book comes complete with a recipe so budding bakers can bake a delicious cake inspired by the story.

In Butterfly and the Birthday Surprise, the fairies organise the best birthday party ever but Butterfly is a bit bossy trying to make the perfect day, doing everything her way.  But when things start to go wrong, Butterfly learns that celebrating with friends is the best present a fairy could wish for, as they come together to save the day with a wonderful birthday surprise.

This book includes a recipe for Butterfly's Fluttery Wings Cake, which is a lighter-than-air sponge butterfly cake, perfect for sharing!  Children can make the cake with grown-up supervision and learn new skills in the kitchen.  It's a nice idea to have the story and the recipe together.  Children will love making the cake that the fairies have made in the story.  I'll be giving the recipe a go myself...the lemon cream cheese frosting sounds divine!

fairy, picture book, random house


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