Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Magazine for Lalaloopsy Fans!

Fans of Lalaloopsy will love the new issue of  'Love From...' magazine that is available in shops now.  Each edition includes two separate magazines, a craft activity, a free stationery or accessory gift and character stickers, giving little ones loads to do.


The main magazine features educational content for girls aged 4-6, with stories, quizzes, puzzles and posters. The second magazine includes craft ideas, colouring pages and drawing tutorials and is printed on matte paper.  Each issue focuses on a favourite licenced character.

We received a copy of the Lalaloopsy edition of the Love From...magazine.  It is really lovely and the branded bag was packed with fun things for little girls to do.


The craft activity was a door hanger set complete with glitter glues.  There were also lots of colourful stickers and a cute little stationery set with a sparkly bag and pencil, sharpener, rubber, notepad and little bag.


 The magazine featured a lovely tutorial to make a cookie ingredients jar as a gift.  It included a recipe, cut out labels and instructions.  


The craft magazine is packed with things to colour in, doodle and draw and the matte finish makes it easy for children to colour and cut the paper.  Colouring in on glossy paper with felt tips makes such a mess!

love from, lalaloopsy

The format of Love From.. magazine is really good and there is lots to keep little girls busy!


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