Friday, 14 February 2014

TalkTalk HomeSafe - Keeping Families Safer Online


In today's world, we are all under threat from potentially dangerous situations involving the internet.  Our identities, our bank details, our online credibility, our precious photographs, our music collections and our hardware itself are all risk from online crime and viruses.  But potentially more damaging than any of that, is the risk to our own children's safety.

Thankfully, there are things we can do to protect ourselves from such risks and keep our families safer online.  For TalkTalk Broadband customers, HomeSafe provides a simple way to keep control over the websites accessed by the household.  Any type of site deemed unsuitable can be blocked across all devices connected to your TalkTalk broadband.  This means you can prevent your children from accessing sites that feature gambling, pornography or other unsuitable content whether they are on their phones, laptops or PCs.

HomeSafe also features a Homework Time setting where you can set a time where children are banned from accessing social media and gaming websites to prevent them procrastinating online when they should be doing their homework. Useful if this is a bone of contention in your household!

HomeSafe is incredibly easy to use.  You simply access your TalkTalk account online and switch Kids Safe and Homework Time to ON.  There is also a Virus Alert which blocks infected websites to prevent you from getting a virus on your devices by accessing dangerous sites.

The beauty of HomeSafe is its simplicity.  You are in complete control from the moment you switch the protection on, giving you confidence and peace of mind when the kids are online.  It's a great free service for parents who want to keep their family safe from some of the potential risks of being online.

For £2 a month you can upgrade to the Super Safe boost which also protects your identity, bank details and other information from security threats and detects and removes existing infections, keeping you protected wherevr you are connected online.

You can test how internet savvy you are by taking the Internet Age Calculator quiz.  The Internet Age Calculator puts your online knowledge to the test by asking eight questions about the online world to give you an internet age based on research of 1,000 7-14 year olds. 

I did quite well and got the same score as a savvy teenager!  You can take the test here.

internet safety

For top tips on how to keep the family safe and to find out more about TalkTalk's range of services, take a look at their website

We are trialing TalkTalk as part of their Family Blogger programme.


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