Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ella's Prom Night #Project 52

Friday night was Ella's Prom, celebrating the end of her GCSEs and of secondary school life.  She chose an understated but elegant Little Black Dress to wear and looked stunning.

prom, LBD

Before Prom started, Ella's friends all descended on our house.  There were shoes, bow ties and jackets strewn around as her friends got changed into their outfits.  The atmosphere was so upbeat.  I was honoured to be a part of their preparations in my role as unofficial pre-prom photographer. 

teenagers, fun, prom

Her friend Jeff bought her a beautiful corsage to wear on her wrist, a gorgeous hairpiece and a cuddly toy.  She was thoroughly spoiled and treated (quite deservedly) like a princess.

Ella, prom, corsage

I love how down to earth her friends are.  They all looked gorgeous and scrubbed up well, but didn't go down the OTT route.  Proms are becoming so huge in the UK with kids arriving in stretch limos, wedding cars or by horse and carriage.  Some of the dresses worn would rival those worn by brides on their big day.  I wonder what Prom will be like when Kizzy and Freddy are sixteen?!

corsage, prom

Ella's friends are truly a lovely bunch of teenagers.  They look out for each other, are supportive, friendly and loyal.  I am so proud of her for choosing to be part of such a great friendship group.  They have helped her through some tough times.

prom, teenagers

Come September, Ella will be going to a new college in another town, but will always have her hometown friends.  

Prom, teens, friends

It was lovely seeing Ella and her friends so happy and having such fun as they waited for us parents/chaffeurs to take them in convoy to the school where the hall had been transformed  into a perfect prom venue with flowers and balloons. Thankfully the torrential rain subsided and the sun shone down on them as they arrived making it all perfect.

Ella, prom

Everyone had a fantastic time.  This is such a milestone in my daughter's life.  I am so proud of her and absolutely adore my sweet sixteen year old.


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