Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Blingles Bling Studio Review

Sparkly, bejewelled bling  is something that never fails to impress Kizzy.  So when she was sent a Blingles Bling Studio by Character she was immediately planning which of her possessions could receive the bling treatment and get personalised with a sparkling, funky diamante design of her own making.

The Blingles Bling Studio contains everything needed to create twinkling designs using some of the 320 gems that are included in the box, and then make them into impressively, sparkling stickers.

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The studio is easily put together and is quite compact.  The instructions are fully illustrated and with a bit of practice the process of making the gem stickers is quite straightforward.  It is a bit fiddly picking out the gems and getting them in the right place, but the little Gem Pen is a very handy little tool that makes the process a lot simpler!


Gem designs are made according to one of the templates.  The gems are then pressed onto the sticky transfer slide then on to the sticker glue roll before being transferred onto whatever you want to 'bling to life!'

The studio is suitable for ages six and up, but Kizzy at nine still found it a little bit fiddly getting the gems in place and aligning the transfer sheets,  and needed a lot of patience to get her bling stickers just right.  She did enjoy it though and said that she is looking forward to getting better and making lots more gem stickers to bling up her possessions!

Already both mine and Kizzy's laptops have been blinged!  The effect is pretty good!!

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The amount of transfer sheets, glue roll and gems included will be exhausted pretty quickly if used up at the rate that Kizzy has been blinging!  Refill packs, accessory and theme packs are available separately so the blinging can continue after the included materials are used up.  The Blingles Bling Studio itself will fit onto a shelf and is very compact and contained which is a great feature of an arts and crafts set.  The RRP is £19.99.

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