Friday, 6 July 2012

Soreen - Deliciously Squidgy Energy

Soreen Malt Loaves, Toasties, Lunchbox Loaves and Snackers

malt loaf, banana loaf

We have recently been sent a hamper of Soreen products to test out.  This has made my husband Ian and my daughter Kizzy really happy because they are big fans of Soreen!  They love chomping through a malt loaf between them.  I have never indulged because I don't like eating dried fruit and Malt Loaf is cram packed full of raisins!  

Receiving a Soreen Banana Loaf meant that I would at last get to sample the squidgy goodness for myself!  When I tried it I understood why it is described as 'squidgy'!  It is dense, sticky and very fruity.  We were all very impressed with the Toastie Loaf that had pre-cut slices so Kizzy could help herself to a snack (cutting Malt Loaf is a bit of an art to avoid squashing it flat with the knife!)  The individually packed lunchbox loaves and Snackers mean that Kizzy can have Soreen in her lunchbox, which makes her extremely happy!

Here are all the details of the Soreen goodies:

Union Jack inspired Original Malt Loaves

Available in two sizes - ‘Great’ and ‘Greater’ – the limited edition packs of the nation’s favourite malt loaf are jam packed full of deliciously squidgy energy.  The celebratory loaves feature the same unique malty taste Soreen is famous for and are filled to the brim with raisins. The packs will be available for a limited and will be stocked in all major retailers, including Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons nationwide, retailing at 70p for a ‘Great’ loaf and £1.19 - £1.25 for a ‘Greater’ loaf.

Lunchbox Loaves

Available in Original Malt Loaf and Banana flavours, each pack of new Lunchbox Loaves contains five individually wrapped mini loaves, designed for maximum freshness, meaning they’re a great bitesize treat to enjoy every day of the week.  Packed with deliciously squidgy energy and the unique malty taste, each Original Malt Loaf flavoured loaf contains just 95 calories and 0.1g saturated fat, making them a great low fat, high energy snack.  The Banana version is jam-packed full of yummy banana goodness with a light, fruity taste. The temptingly moist loaves each contain just 99 calories and 0.3g saturated fat, providing a delicious treat to enjoy at lunchtime.  Perfect for snacking on during a busy day, the Lunchbox Loaves are a great tasting, healthy snack to keep those on the go full of energy all day long!
Both flavour  Lunchbox Loaves are stocked in Asda, and the Original Malt Loaf available in Sainsbury’s, retailing at RSP £1.35.

NEW Snackers

Available in two flavours, Original Malt Loaf and Fruity Five, Snackers contain five handy individually wrapped slices. Low in calories (under 90 per slice) and low in fat, as well as being high in energy, they provide a healthier alternative snack, keeping those on the go full of energy all day long!
Available exclusively from Asda: RSP from £1.28.

NEW Malt Toastie Loaf

Malt loaf can now easily be enjoyed hot and toasted as a delicious breakfast or mid-morning snack. Full of juicy raisins, each slice of Toastie Loaf contains just 116 calories and 0.3 per cent saturated fat. Pre-sliced for ease and sized perfectly for the toaster, serve simply with a little low fat spread or, alternatively topped with jam – scrumptious!  Available from Asda, Tesco and Morrison’s. RSP from £1.39.

Banana Fruit Loaf

Containing less than 1.5 per cent saturated fat and packed with yummy banana goodness and only natural ingredients, the Banana Fruit Loaf provides the perfect alternative to an energy bar before a hard work out.  Available from Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Co-op, Asda, Ocado and Waitrose. RSP from £1.29 for a large loaf.

Original Malt Loaf

Full to the brim with raisins, original malt loaf is available in a variety of sizes including standard, large, sliced and a Snack Pack containing two pre-buttered slices. Containing less than three per cent fat, it’s a great low fat, high energy snack.  Available from all major supermarkets. RSP from £1.29 for a large loaf. Snack Packs RSP from 70p.


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